Geelong Library


51 Little Malop St, Geelong

About This Project

A fascinating job we completed recently in collaboration with Tenon Joinery was for the Geelong’s $45 million library and heritage centre, which opened to the public on November 21st, 2015. We had previously upholstered leather clad desks and then closer to the opening day upholstered internal columns, which are five metres high. The columns are built around a four leaf clover shaped base with air ducts inside each of the clover leaves. The 550mm diameter columns are constructed from concrete and the first 950mm in height are hollow with ducts that act as air diffusers. Our job was to upholster the outside of the columns from floor to ceiling in leather by Pelle, in the design Panarama and colour Snowflake. The Columns in this design echo the iconic columns on the old Town Hall at Geelong.

Geelong’s mayor describes the fa├žade of the building as a “Geelong’s huge brain overlooking Silicon Bay”, fulfilling a brief to construct a library that fits the 21st century.