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Retail Fit-Outs, point of sale furniture, panels and shelves
Retail Fit-Outs, point of sale furniture, panels and shelves
Retail Fit-Outs, point of sale furniture, panels and shelves

Retail Fitout

The Seatery specialise in upholstery for high quality retail fit out and point of sale for retailers and department stores. Their attention to detail, beautiful finishes, reliability and quality workmanship has assured their fine reputation in this area of upholstery work.

Point of Sale

The Emporium Myer Melbourne

The opening of The Emporium by Myer in Melbourne in 2014 was done with a great flourish, with a grand opening orchestrated by none other than film director Baz Lurhmann. The Seatery were intrinsically involved in delivering a high class retail environment for Melbourne shoppers to savour.

Scanlon & Theodore

Thick, plush leather upholstered into a stunning counter at the Scanlon & Theodore store in The Emporium is cladded top and front in thick belting leather, 3.4mm thick from Spinnyveck in the U.S. in a light brown shade. The leather is perforated to create a distinct designer look for the 3.4 metres long by 950mm high upholstered leather point of sale counter.


The Lululemon concept store in The Emporium has had quality desk and display cases upholstered by The Seatery, along with five bench seats in their fitting rooms. The desk was upholstered inside and out in Warwick leather in the London Club design and colour Trench together with matching display boxes. All are finished in fine twin stitch detail.


Men’s and women’s sartorial clothing retailer, Herringbone, is another store in The Emporium that has been enhanced by The Seatery’s superb upholstery skills. Commissioned by Russell & George Pty. Ltd., Architects to upholster custom designed display units, display boxes, and a point of sale unit for a number of the Herringbone stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, The Seatery created desk inlays on the top of the point of sale unit, which measures 1800mm long x 700mm wide. The display panels sit inside a glass panel sized 800mm x 400mm, and the clothing being displayed is arranged on the upholstered panels sized 500mm x 500mm each, with a brass trim on each edge. The upholstery was done in a vinyl supplied by Instyle in the design Verona and the colour Nutmeg.


The Seatery upholstered fine leather counter fronts for Aesop’s new outlet in the Melbourne Myer store. The counter fronts were created in 21 panels with 5mm perimeter white stitch lines that create a contrast to the Phoenix Outback (brown tone) full annaline leather.

Fitting Rooms, Panels & Shelves

Aesop’s Stores

In a nod to The Seatery’s reputation for quality upholstery, Aesop’s stores commissioned them for their stores in Myer, Melbourne and Myer, Birkenhead and stores in Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Sydney. Aesop store designs are genuinely inventive and beautifully crafted, with a meticulously considered design. Beautiful wall panels were created by The Seatery behind the counter of the Aesop store in Myer Melbourne in a synthetic felt in dark grey.

The panels are fixed to the wall with shelves and drawers, with the front of the drawers and the shelves being finished in the same synthetic felt. Made in two panels measuring 1800mm x 600mm and 2200mm x 600mm, a sophisticated and luxuriant look has been fashioned. They also supplied wall panels for stores in Perth, Canberra and Sydney in 6mm felt elevated to create a looped effect in a blue/grey colour, reminiscent of denim. Each wall panel is 600mm wide in 3m drops.

The Seatery upholstered walls, cupboards and shelving unit drawer fronts for their store in Birkenhead in a wool fabric by Warwick in the design Augustine and colour Armour (charcoal), reflecting the finesse and style of the store design.

Braun Büffel

Designer Design Clarity has created a stunning look and feel in the Braun Büffel store, in the Westfield Centre in the Sydney CBD. The fine upholstery of The Seatery adds to the sophisticated ambience. Thirteen upholstered panels adorn the Point of Sale Counter in a leather look vinyl supplied by Unique Fabrics from the Yarwood Collection, in Batani Dark Brown, along with an assorted array of table tops and tiered display unit tops upholstered in the same vinyl, in the colour Batani Stone.

Country Road

Country Road contracted The Seatery to provide something unusual in the way of canvas change room stalls for their various stores. These are accompanied by seats made of metal frames with a canvas sling seat. The canvas is supplied by Ricky Richards in the design Docril, in the colour grey.


Working with linen for another chain, Herringbone, The Seatery supplied linen fitting room curtains 1.2 metres by 2.7 metres. The fabric was supplied by Westbury Textile fabrics in the design Luxembourg and colour Driftwood. The curtains are finished with brass eyelets.


With denim displays being mounted at Myer stores in the Women’s Section there was a call for upholstered handles. The Seatery supplied the handles for the Premium Denim displays. Each handle is 200mm long by 240mm wide and is upholstered in belting leather with an exposed stitch running around the perimeter.

Julius Marlowe

Julius Marlowe are bringing back an old tradition to their stores - shoeshine stands. This modern iteration will be on wheels with a leather seat and back for the comfort of the shoeshine boy. Three seats on shoeshine stands have been upholstered by The Seatery for various store locations.