The Seatery

The signature of a prestige project is in it’s finish. Sumptuous, luxurious, comfortable are all words that developers and buyers alike will seek and value in their upholstery projects. In hospitality and retail upholstery this is doubly so. It is the mark of the consummate professional. To sink into a luxuriant lounge or booth – to run your hands over fine fabric and plush coverings of quality upholstery is to experience the finishing touch of the Master Craftsman.


Experience has shown that virtually every piece of furniture has some movement in the joints following years of faithful service. So to ensure a firm foundation for the work to come, every piece of furniture is stripped down to the frame and the joints are checked and strengthened. If furniture has polished wood, it should look as good as the new Upholstery – so the wood is stripped back, sanded and re-polished in our dedicated polishing facility for a truly professional finish.